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What is an RF coaxial cable?
    Coaxial cable is the inner conductor of cable, dielectric insulation, outer conductor (shielding) and jacket. Coaxial cables play the role of radio frequency signal transmission, such as SMA, SMB, TNC, N, TNC, FME, MCX, MMCX connectors, RF coaxial cable components, connection modules and antennas, and radio frequency connectors are usually terminated.

How to choose different RF connector series according to different working frequency?
    In general, different series of radio frequency connectors are used in different frequency ranges. The user should select different RF connectors according to different frequency. If the rated frequency is lower than the operating frequency of the RF connector, you can not ensure that the system meets the requirements. However, if you choose a precision RF connector and have higher rated frequencies, then you will waste money. A very important question must be considered, because the different design and manufacturing processes, the rated frequency or frequency of the RF connector can achieve the actual may be very different. RF connectors are of poor quality and can not even meet industrial standards. The following is a frequency selection guide for reference only. When you choose, you must consider the specific RF connector specification.

How to select radio frequency connector
    There are many kinds of connectors. For the whole design engineer, it is very important to choose the proper radio frequency connector to ensure the reliability of the whole machine or the whole system, or it is more convenient, practical and economical. In the work practice, according to own demand, chooses the suitable radio frequency connector

RF connector different form of plug and play?
    1. card insertion type is a twist joint structure. It can rotate at 90 degrees to achieve rapid connection and disconnection. The BNC connector is a typical type of card mount configuration. BNC connectors are widely used in network systems and measuring instruments that require frequent connection and disconnection.
    2., the type of embedded interpolation structure should be applied to occasions with smaller space and compact structure. Because this type of connection is easy to use, it is often designed to be used on PCB. Connectors such as MCX, MMCX, SMB and SSMB are all built with embedded plug-in architecture.
    3. the connection structure includes two connectors in which one has an external thread and the other has an internal thread. When applying this structure, you must pay attention to the maximum torque allowed. The thread with insert structure types provide a reliable connection of higher vibration, used in SMA, RP-SMA, SMC, SSMA, TNC, N, UHF, 7/16, etc. 2.92 connector types, these connectors are widely used in military and other fields of communication, instruments and equipment.
    4. slide in type matching structure is widely used, requiring compact structure and easy to operate occasions. The BMA connector and the D-Sub connector use the slide in configuration type.

How do you choose a low PIM solution for your system?
    How to select the best Low PIM system (three order intermodulation) Passive Intermodulation) cable assembly?
    Selection of radio frequency connector with thread locking structure;
    Two, select high power RF connectors, such as 7/16, N and other series;
    Three, low PIM coaxial cable, such as TCOM series [-155dBc (-112dBm)], semi flexible and semi-rigid cable, such as SMT680-141, SMT680-250, 670-141, 670-250 (-160dBc (115dBm), etc.).